The rise of Saffron band in India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The roots of Hindu nationalism in India are very old but grew with vigor after the formation of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in 1925. Mohandas Gandhi, the founder, and godfather of modern India was murdered by a member of the very same fundamentalist organization on the pretext that he was more of a pro-Muslim than a representative of Hindus.

The successive governments of Congress tried to dispel the impression of the rise of fundamentalist Hindus under the clock of secular India but with little to no effect. Rather Hindu extremism took a very bad shape after the formation of the predecessor of BJP in 1951.

Now I cut to the Modi era……..!

Narendra Modi, a member of RSS since childhood, was elected as the chief minister of Indian Gujrat in 2001 under the rising wave of Hindu nationalism in the area. He as the chief minister of the above-mentioned state took many steps that strengthened his position as a leader of the extremist sections of society.  A widespread massacre of Muslims took place In Gurjat during his government and his complicity in the massacre is well-documented. He was sued by the heirs of the victims but was given a clean chit by the court due to mounting pressure from the extremist Hindu factions.

Now cut to his role as the prime minister of India…!

In 2014, he was elected as the prime minister of India but with varying reasons behind his election to the office. Some analysts argue that he was given preference over other candidates because of his phenomenal track record as the chief minister of the Gujrat state where he carried out vast developmental work for the welfare of people but others argue that the main reason behind his success is his image as the representative of the right-wing Hindu fanatics and as the enemy number one of Indian minorities.

Whatever the basis of his election to the office but it’s quite clear that he proved to be a danger for the minorities and for the countries of the region. His ideological Hindutawa brothers started many movements to purify Hindustan from the minorities’ filth and especially to pressurize Muslims to revert them back into Hinduism. After the recent massive success in the UP elections, Narendra Modi appointed a staunch Hindu hardliner Yogi Adityanath to the post of chief minister. This shows his intentions towards abolishing the secular credentials of Indian Union and baptizing it into the fold of religious fundamentalism.

His stance on neighbors

His appointment of Hindu nationalists to the central and state cabinets, his quest for the regional hegemony and his support for the insurgencies in the neighboring countries is a major worrying sign for the region. His confessions about his involvement in the dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971 and his recent statements about the role of Indian proxies in the region and especially in Pakistan to destabilize it from within shows the level of threat that he poses.

What to do…?

Indian intelligentsia and civil society should take the lead to tackle the ever asserting dominance of the Hardliners to save India from a total chaos but of equal importance is the role of secular parties like Congress and Aam Aadmi party to put an end to the nuisance created by this mindset otherwise the rise of Saffron band is inevitable.

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